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About Hajer

About Hajer

My passion is to help you make a better Life. With this blog i want to have Conversations about Feng Shui with you. I know full well the variety of difficulties that people in any business can encounter, as well as the personal roadblocks that hinder us.

I learned from different Masters a variety of classic approaches of the eastern school of Feng Shui that i feel best suit my sensibilities, including Eight Mansions Formula , San He, San Yuan, and Water Dragon Classics, Xuan Kong Da Gua, Date Selection , Qi Men Dun Jia, Ba Zi and I Ching.

There are forces around us that we cannot see, but that we can harness. I believe that the practice of Feng Shui  is the most elegant and potent example of using the visible to optimize the invisible.

To Your Success

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