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Set Yourself Up To Win

I was reading the  book of Mark H. McCormack “What you’ll Never Learn on the Internet” and i want to share with you this paragraph.

” For example, i’m fascinated by a particular corner on Lexington Avenue in Manhattan near Upper East Side office. During the past 15 years, i’ve seen a half dozen restaurateurs open up a fancy restaurant at this corner location. And the same thing happens every time: within two years, the restaurant goes out of business. It doesn’t matter what kind of cuisine the kitchen offers or how generous the food critics are, the location is simply not congenial to a restaurant. And yet within months of one tenant’s departure, there’s another presumably smart restaurateur who thinks he’s the one who can succeed at this accursed location.

Over the years , as the sad procession of openings and closings at this corner continue, i’ve always wondered. Haven’t any of these business people researched the failure rate for restaurants here? Don’t they see a pattern?

To me, that’s not setting yourself up to win. Ignoring the harsh history at this location and believing that you`ll be the unique individual who can make it work is setting yoursel up to fail. It would take a miracle to make a restaurant successful here. But in choosing this particular spot, you don’t deserve the miracle”

Feng Shui point of view:  The corner on Lexington Avenue is certainly  on Death and Emptiness line. Nothing can succeed here unless we change the location of the door. Set yourself up to win and always check the Feng Shui for Business Premises.

Pic of Upper East Side NYC  from Wikipedia

Upper East Side NYC